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This website explores three related ideas:
      If the three ideas listed above are right, then we would expect:
  1. Many disorders would be associated with more than one microbe. They are; obesity and rheumatoid arthritis are both linked to at least 20 microbes, and in some cases the same microbes. Appendix I lists 2,000+  disorder-microbe pairs (click on Appendices at left).
  2. Many microbes would be associated with more than one disorder. This is also true; a virus called cytomegalovirus has been linked to arthritis, obesity, and more than 100 other disorders. Appendix II lists 2,000+ microbe-disorder pairs.
  3. Many disorders would be associated with other disorders. For example, Depression, hypertension, and migraines are all linked to each other and each has been linked to more than 20 other disorders. Appendix III lists 700+ disorder-disorder pairs.
      My name is Russ Farris, and these three ideas are at the heart of a book I'm writing. The book is called The Falling Apart Syndrome, and I'm putting the rough draft on this website to solicit comments, questions, and criticism (Click on Falling Apart Syndrome at left).
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      Since I hope to put most of this in a book, please consider everything on the site to be copyrighted by Russell Farris. On the other hand, ideas can't be copyrighted, so use whatever strikes you as true.
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